Bright Stone Mdu

Manufacturing Unit

Fully Functional Granite Manufacturing Unit for the Best-of-Quality Products.

With over 20 years of tradition, Bright Stone Granites India has carved natural stone products for all residential and commercial project needs. Our granite manufacturing department is equipped with advanced machinery and equipment. That’s why we provide satisfaction that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We know technology makes the biggest difference. Therefore, we use high-tech machinery to cut granite stones into different sizes and thicknesses according to customer requirements. We process granite blocks for customers all over the world.

Highly sophisticated infrastructure

Our granite manufacturing plant employs advanced and performing mechanical instruments to induce a wide range of granite stone products in different colors, patterns, finishes, thicknesses, and sizes. We are committed to maintaining the top quality standards to match all needs of our global clients. Our team of granite experts is fully-equipped with mechanical resources, including single and multiple saw cutters and polishing machines.

12 head polish machine

Block dressing machine

Edge cutting machine

Granite manufacturers in India for quality production

We export many granite products such as gates, cutting slabs, tiles, monuments, etc. according to your project needs. Each product requires a separate factory with different machines and workers. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to set up a factory that produces all products at the same time. In addition, all colors he cannot produce in one range, as shipping costs will ultimately be reflected in the final price of the product, making it uncompetitive.

Considering Indian granite manufacturers, production can be done near quarries where raw material availability is not an issue. The granite manufacturing units associated with us have been carefully inspected over time for excellent infrastructure and management practices, professional working environments, on-time production and consistent product quality.

Block grantry

Fully automatic line polish with automatic advance sensor

Fully covered slabs stock yard