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Granite Packaging

Granite packaging

100% safe granite packaging with the right materials

Suppliers often don’t pay as much attention to their granite packaging as they do to the quality of their products. They are late! If granite tiles and slabs are not properly packed, the tiles can crack and the finish can be compromised, which can be very expensive to the customer who ultimately receives the product. Bright Stone Granites India We use durable granite packing boxes made from dry, high quality, durable wood. These crates are strong enough to withstand a typical 1 tonne of product weight. . To increase the safety of our stone products, we use the following materials:

  1.  Plastic covering as cushioning materials
  2. Plastic sheets, thin polythene sheets, and forms
  3. Polythene sheets in between polished surfaces

How we make it possible?

The use of Brightstone must be managed at several points, from loading at the factory, to loading containers at the loading port, to unloading from the ship and subsequent handling in the retailer’s warehouse. In the customer’s warehouse, the goods are also piled up and stored for a long time before being sold. So it is clearly essential that the crate is strong and durable. Make sure the granite packing is done properly. The wooden box is lined from the inside with a sheet of polyethylene, followed by a sheet of Thermocor and a layer of foam. The tiles are then packed very tightly so that the corners and edges are well protected and prevent the tiles from coming off during long-term transportation. Prevents water wetting. High quality nails and packaging materials are used for protective packaging.

Our Production department co-ordinates with our ground staff to ensure all instructions are clearly understood and implemented regarding commercial packaging. Photos are examined and then the final approval is given after the fulfillment of all the requirements. At the same time, we send photos of packed material to the customer for approval, and only after their consent; we dispatch the product from the factory. This proves to be very reassuring, especially in the case of foreign customers, who usually appreciate our efforts in this regard.