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Quality Control

quality control granite products

Quality always matters the most

Delivering you the best-of-its-quality products

Performed by qualified and experienced inspectors, we present our global clients with a clear picture of how granite production really looks. We identify issues and eliminate causes in the real-time scenario. Our granite quality control practices ensure that all granite slabs and tiles are manufactured to meet the needs of buyers’ specifications and minimize the import risks.

Our practices to check the quality of granite products

We inspect the quality of granite products at every stage of production, including pre-production quality control, during production quality control, pre-shipment quality control, and container loading supervision.

Appearance Quality Checks

  • Material Appearance Inspection – Color, texture, spots, lines, uniform crystals, grain structure, etc.
  • Other Defects Inspection – Scratches, fissures, cracks, broken edges, chip edges, pinholes, swirl marks, repairs, etc.
  • Surface Finishing Inspection – Polished, antique, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, tumbled, natural cleft, lepatora, bevel edge, etc.
  • Other Production Process – Degree of polish, flatness, and angle of straight edges.
quality of granite products

Material inspection

granite products

Surface inspection

Size measurement

quality of granite products

Manual size measurement

granite products

Slab width measurement