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Rare and popular granite colors in India

Inclusive of North and also South Indian granite, greater than 100 various selections of granite shades in India and also Regatta Granites India, a popular supplier and also exporter of granite ceramic tiles and also kitchen counters shades, offers a wide range of Indian granite in various tones and distinctive style patterns. Greater than 70 granite ranges are offered by the firm with each being unique in terms of color and design.

Nonetheless, these granite varieties share some usual color schemes or base color on the basis of which, these are organized right into nine different groups, consisting of black, green, red, yellow, brownish, white, grey, pink, and so forth. Just think about North as well as South Indian granite color names and also we will certainly serve you with unusual tones.

We put an end to your search for the interesting granite shades and also costs that is competitive. You can browse through each of these classifications according to your shade choice and also select the design/pattern with varying shade mixes as well as strengths based on your demand.